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Children's Disability Information Coalition of El Paso, TX

A non-profit organization that opens the world to children with disabilities

About Us

Since 1989, CDIC has consisted of numerous volunteers, Parents, professionals and other interested persons, who are committed to assist children with disabilities. Our desire is for the children to reach their fullest potential and to become valuable to their community.

Our Mission

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To promote partnerships between parents, professionals, and various agencies to work together to combine resources and to find solutions to problems within the community that are affecting children with disabilities.

CDIC ’s Privacy Policy


CDIC respects your privacy.  CDIC does not collect or share any personal information about you without your knowledge and consent, and no information about you is ever sold to third parties, including mailing lists.

CDIC ’s Board of Directors


President: Carmen Ramírez
Vice President: Ernestina Pérez
Secretary: Martín Armendáriz
Treasurer: Christine Candelaria

Board Members: Isabel Rubiera, and Adriana Casado  

1200 Golden Key Circle, Suite 310, El Paso TX  79925 ♦ (915) 217-2747